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Soulwinds, Shamanic Healing

with Marc Wood

Shamanic healing is about bringing our lives back into balance. Bringing ourselves back onto the path of the life we have actually come here to live and not the one handed down to us.

When we are in balance with life, seeing that life is just as it should be and getting the beautiful gifts that are ours – we are able to begin to step into wholeness.

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A Despacho Ceremony is based in the tradition of the Q’ero and is a wonderful way to mark transitions or rites of passage. There are several types of despachos, but in the basic format the Shaman guides a group of people in building a beautiful prayer bundle.Special ingredients are used, each with their own symbolic meaning.

Despachos are laid out on a large piece of paper, and layer upon layer of ingredients are placed inside. The end result may look like a mandala or work of art! Prayers are offered by blowing intentions into special leaf bundles and placing them in the despacho.

When finished, the bundle is wrapped carefully and taken to a ceremonial fire to be burned as an offering. Themes for despachos may be for bringing sacred balance to your home, family, workplace, etc. or to mark and honor the passage of a loved one. Despachos may be used to honor the physical body and create renewed health and vitality. Despachos may also be used for powerful rites of passage in life, such as embarking on a new relationship journey, starting a new career or moving to a new area.

There are so many ways to create powerful, graceful change in your life by participating in a despacho ceremony! This ceremony can be scheduled as a private session with Marc or as a group ceremony with the friends and family you invite to join you.

Home, Office and Land Clearings

Sometimes our living spaces and work places can feel burdened by old, stale or disruptive energies.

In addition, the land we live on can carry traces of trauma from past events which have occurred on the site.

Energy in a space is often influenced by the people who occupy it. If you are moving to a new home or office, an energy clearing and blessing can assist you in releasing past energies and creating the optimal atmosphere for you.

If you are feeling negatively affected by the space you live or work in, call Marc for a free consultation to see if a shamanic clearing could be helpful.

Munay Ki Rites

The Munay Ki are the 9 rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power.

As you receive the rites, your energy field will be cleared of old, limiting energies and your vibration will be lifted. You will become linked to the lineage of the Laika and feel their support in everyday life.

The rites you’ll receive are the Healer’s Rite, Bands of Power, Harmony Rite, Seer’s Rite, Daykeeper’s Rite, Wisdomkeepers Rite, Earthkeeper’s Rite, Starkeeper’s Rite, and Creator Rite.

Given in a small group class format, the Rites will deepen your awareness and change your life!


How will I feel after a session?
Clients often report feeling lighter, more relaxed, and deeply at peace after a session. If at all possible, it is wise to allow yourself quiet time after your session.

What happens during a Shamanic healing session?
Each session can last up to two hours. Possible components of a Shamanic Session are described below:

Illumination Process

Shamanic Energy Medicine works with a person’s luminous energy field—the layers of invisible energy that surround and inform us, much like a blueprint defines the physical reality of a home. Within our luminous energy field there are “imprints” which hold memories, trauma, past life experiences, fears, and other forms of outdated information.

Through the practice of Illumination, the Shaman is able to help the client identify these energetic imprints which have been holding the them back from living the life they desire. Then, with great care, love and respect, the Shaman can help remove these imprints so that they no longer have the power to “de-rail” the client over and over again.

Examples of energetic imprints are: abandonment issues, feelings of unworthiness, experiences of loss and grief, trauma resulting from car accidents or surgeries, and generational belief systems which limit us. Once the imprint is cleared, the Shaman offers high vibrational energy and light to the client’s energy field, which “overrides” the old programming.

The client leaves the session feeling lighter, more in alignment with his/her highest purpose, and energetically resourced in a whole new way. The possibilities open up for the client to respond with freshness, curiosity and clarity to life’s challenges, rather than being held hostage by old or unconscious patterns.

Energy Extraction

There are two main types of foreign energies the Shaman works with in the Extraction process. One type is known as crystallized or hardened energies-these are traces found in the luminous energy field that result from past injuries or even traumatic deaths from a former lifetime.

Examples of crystallized energies are darts or arrows sent by someone in your life who is directing intense anger your way, or perhaps a lance from a past lifetime will be found and removed. Hardened or crystallized energies often create real physical pain that is chronic and un-diagnosable, and once the energy form is removed the pain quickly disappears.

A second type of foreign energy is known as a fluid energy. Fluid energies may be family ancestors who were not able to fully transition at the time of death, and find a home in a spiritually open family member.

If found, these energies can be extracted with the greatest care and released with love so that they may find their true home in the next world. Clients who have had fluid energies removed report feelings of personal freedom and clarity, and feel as if they can finally just be themselves after years of feeling compromised energetically.

Soul Retrieval

During the Soul Retrieval process the Shaman journeys into a realm know as the lower world in order to bring back a soul part that was lost during the client's life or past lifetime.

It is common for parts of our soul to splinter off during times of great trauma, stress or fear, taking refuge in the world of our sub-conscious where it feels safe. We can go through life not even realizing we have lost part of our vital life energy, but knowing somehow that some key part of us is “missing”.

The shaman utilizes her skills with journeying into other realms to bring back soul parts, gifts, power animals, and soul contracts in order to help the client create a new way of approaching life - more resourced, balanced and empowered to find creative solutions to life’s challenges.

Prices & Appointments

I live and work in West Sussex.

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I offer face to face sessions, phone sessions and Skype sessions.

I have flexible appointment times so please do call or email to arrange.

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